Love Charming Yintong For Bringing Love Binding Love Make Spouse Listen To You 特别爱情爱情魅力姻通给你带来爱情锁心绑住你和爱人让老公/老婆听你的

Please Do Not Use This Yintong To Toy With Others Feelings

Details:This is believed to be good for:

提升自信:Boost Self Confidence/Self Esteem
让感情再次有活力激情:Brings Back Spark Into Relationship
提升人缘:Improve Metta
帮助你结识喜欢的对象:Help You Know That Someone Special
让人更加听话:Sweet Talking (People Tend To Listen To You)
吸引同异性:Attract same /Opposite Gender
招来爱情:Attracts Love to you
让心爱的人心动:Enchanting Of The Heart 

庇佑爱人更忠诚:Bless A Loyal & Faithful Relationship

维持很好的感情关系:Maintain a great relationship

让感情更和睦:Solving Disharmony In Relationship

挽回感情:Salvage Relationship

爱情和合:Mending Of A Broken Relationship

驱走第三者:Get Rid Of Third Party
让伴侣比较听话:Spouse Listen to you more
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