LP Promma Famous Phra Lersi Wealth Bringing Business Career Luck Help Learning Protection Against Evil & Dangers 叻希招财开运生意事业顺利提升领悟能力避开危险邪恶

Late Lp Promma 
Wat Suan Himpant Nang Loi

Blessing In Year 2538 (1994) 30 Nov On A Saturday
在佛年2538(1994) 30号11月在星期六开光

Luang Phu Promma of Wat Suan Himapant Nang Loi (Ubon Rachatani), is one of Thailand Historically famous Master Monks of the Isan region. He ordained as a Samara at the age of 12, and learned how to make Buddha Wicca at this ripe young age with Somdej Lun, a Khmer Master of Jampa Sak. He studied for 6 years under this Master, who passed away at this point. After the death of his teacher in Buddha Wicca, Luang Por Prohm wandered around the country in Tudong practice (aimless wandering of an ascetic). It was during this time that Luang Phu Promma was able to meet and study under the great Arahant Luang Phu Mun Puratto.

After studying with Luang Phu Mun, LP Promma then went to live in a Cave on the peak of a mountain called Khao Kway, and he remained here practicing in solitary for a period of 45 years. After this, he crossed the border into Thailand in the year 2533, where he went to stay in a cave where he had noticed that many wild animals would come and cross paths and coexist together. He stayed in this cave practicing, and his merits and renunciation became so well known, that even Somdej Prataep Radtana rachasuda Siam Boroma Rachachonanee (the Royal Princess), travelled twice to pay reverence and offerings to Luang Phu Promma.

Up to his death, Luang Phu Promma had helped the local folk of the forest and farmers with various projects to develop the area, or preserve the wild forest and natural habitat. Luang Phu Promma of Samnak Songk Tham Suan Hin Gaew (Phaa Nang Loi), Poo Grajiaw mountain, Ban Dong Na, Sri Mueang Mai, Ubon Rachatani, passed away from heart disease in 2545 BE at the respectable age of 105 years old. 

Details:This is believed to be good for:
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
招揽生意/带来生意/商机:Improve your business/Sales/Attracts Oppurtunities
添福聚财:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Fortune/Wealth
事业顺利:Smooth Career

学习进步:Improvement In Studies

提升人缘:Improve Metta
提升第六感:Improve Six sense
开智慧让你更加聪明:Helps Your Open Your Mind Makes you Wiser/Smarter
得到众人尊重:Respect and Authority
帮你留住财:Help Maintain Fortune with You
保护你远离灾难邪恶降头:Protecting Your From Dangers/Evil/Spells
清除不好的磁场提升磁场:Clear Negative Energy Bring Positive Energy

带来精神上和祥:Brings Piece
帮助引导您成为更好的人:Guide You To Be A Better Person

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